Masjid Istiqlal Project

Assalamu'alikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Dear Bapak/Ibu Rahimakumullah,

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the universe. We would like to inform all of us that we have officially started our Phase-2 Planning at the beginning of Quarter 4 (4Q13) on October 1, 2013. Currently the IAMC committee is working on master plan for the infrastructure and masjid construction.

Just want to give you some sort of big picture about what we are going to do in this Phase-2, so it will keep you updating, we have decided to execute our plan through multiple stages. We call them as Stage-1, Stage-2, Stage-3 and so on.

In initial planning, I would like to share all of you what we plan on each stage of this Phase-2 as following:

  • Conceptual Master Design, completion target timing is end of Q1 2014.
  • Stage-1 Basic Infrastructure: Utility Building, Temporary Office, Driveway, Water Well, Septic & Sewer and Electricity. Completion target timing is end of Q2 2014.
  • Stage-2 Main Building: Mosque, Multipurpose Building, Parking Space and Landscaping. Completion target timing is end of Q1 2016.
  • Stage-3 Supporting Facilities: Classroom Building, Retail Space, Guest House and Day Care. Completion target timing is Q4 2017. 

We all maybe see this Phase-2 project is a very progressive plan. That's true, because we believe that if all of us come work together as an ummah just like what we have done during one year of Phase-1, by Allah will, it is achievable. We just need a little bit work harder and we do.

Of the top all those planning above, we pray to Allah, at least we can complete the Masjid Istiqlal by the of Q1 2016 as we originally plan, so we can use the masjid for Ramadhan 2016 activities InsyaAllah.

How we can achieve that goal? Of course, by Allah will and if we work hard and work together as a community. This our masjid, this is our community center. This is belong to all of us, so everyone of us has the right to participate on this project.

We open, so please come join and support this project for the sake of Allah. We need more and more people to participate actively. You can participate in any kind of work that you think fit with your interest, your experiences, your expertise, your times or schedules and anything that you think will benefit and contribute to this project.

We see a lots of works to come. We need people, we need volunteers. We believe that you can make a big impact.

Please see or contact IAMC Secretary General Pak Eka Kristanto or any IAMC Committee member or by replying and discussing this email. If you interested to involve in this Phase-2 project, you will closely work with Property and Construction Committee, Pak Heri Parsidi, Pak Chuck Beauchamp and Pak Dadi Syahmono, so you also can see or contact three of them.

May Allah showering all of us with His Bless. He ridho with our efforts and makes easy for us.

Jazakumullahu khairan katsiraa.

Thank you, wassalamu'alaikum



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