Our Future Masjid: Just a Few Words from a Youth

Every time I step foot into the Indonesian Consulate, a bittersweet feeling never fails to creep into my heart. Now don’t get me wrong, I have always loved going there and insha’Allah I always will. But in the ten years that my family and I have been attending the biweekly halaqa, enjoying the food in the yearly bazaar, breaking fast each weekend of Ramadan, and sitting in prostration all together during Eid…things definitely have changed.

The days when the musholla was where us kids used to go wrestle and play before and after (…and sometimes during) the halaqa. The days when during dinner we would go into the open Consulate office to watch TV and hang out. The days when everything just felt right, and we were all there together both for the sake of increasing our Iman for Allah SWT and for strengthening the Houston Indonesian community.



I’m not writing this to preach about Consulate attendance. As someone who is currently in the most confusing stages of his life, between childhood and true adulthood, I’m simply offering a suggestion based on what I’ve learned throughout the years. Our Indonesian and Islamic community cannot grow in the state that it’s in now. If we want to make a significant impact on society at large, we can’t only be truly active one month a year, the same way that we can’t be Ramadan Muslims or Eid Muslims. Alhamdulillah we are blessed with a large group of Indonesian Muslims in the Houston Area. The potential is definitely there…but we can’t let it go to waste.

A few weeks ago I went with my dad and a few other IAMC committee members to visit a church. It was just a regular church, one that most of us wouldn’t cast a second glance at when driving past. But to me and the others there, it was beautiful. In our eyes we were able to see the true worth of the place. As many of you know, the IAMC’s flagship project is to build a Masjid run by the Indonesian community and open to everyone. And Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah, we are led to this not-so-small church in Cypress.

When I stood before the church I could envision the children running around, playing in the playground outside during their break from Islamic school in the large and spacious preschool building. I visualize that ust down the hall in the prayer area there is a huge event with notable Islamic speakers, Ustad Joban and Omar Suleiman sitting side by side providing ilm to the audience and helping to strengthen their Iman. And after all of it was over, I imagine my family and I walking to our new home next to the Masjid property. There’s nothing I can really say except Insha’Allah.

Although our project is closer than ever before, we still need the help of the entire Indonesian Islamic community for us to finalize the purchase of the property. Not only the adults, but also the youth, because ultimately this is for US and the generation AFTER us. This project is the future for our community, and our gateway towards the Houston Islamic and non-Islamic community at large. Let's work together so that we can complete this enormous task and strengthen our Islamic AND Indonesian identity. Let's provide a place for our kids, and their kids, and generations after that to grow and flourish in the purity of an Islamic community. Let's bring halaqa back!

Thank you so much for your time in reading this, I greatly appreciate it. Please forward to anyone who might be able to support our project, especially the youth. I write this solely for the sake of Allah, as all of my actions should. If I have said anything wrong, I ask Allah to forgive me and I also ask your forgiveness.

Zeff Khalil Gibran

IAMC External Relations


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