IAMC Announces the Name of Their Future Masjid.

[Houston, News]

On a beautiful day of the Idul Fitri, 1st of Syawal 1434 H or on the 8th of August 2013 before about 700 people of Indonesia Muslim perform their ‘Ied prayer that morning, IAMC announced the name of their future Masjid and Community Center names.

After carefully selected from 70 names were proposed by the community members, not only from Houston itself but also from the other cities in the United States or even form Indonesia, the special committee formed by President has selected 4 candidate names to propose and recommend to the IAMC Board of Directors.

In their special meeting, the Board of Directors have voted and decided the final name of the Masjid as well as the formal name of the community center to be built and established in Houston in the near future.

Zulfan Efendi, the President and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of IAMC, on that beautiful morning of Idul Fitri and in the front of the Indonesian American muslim community members, announced this historical moment that the name of the future Masjid of the community is “MASJID ISTIQLAL” and the formal name of the community center to be established in the area is “IAMC Center”.

The announcement was followed by shouting of takbir “Allahu Akbar”, “Allahu Akbar”, “Allahu Akbar”, by the congregations.

[By IAMC Publication]

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